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It All Starts With Play!

Bark-ology Dog Training offers professional dog training, puppy training, in home-dog training, dog walking, and pet sitting services in South Elgin, Illinois and surrounding suburbs including: St. Charles, Geneva, Elgin, Campton Hills, Bartlett, and Wayne.

At Bark-ology Dog Training, we incorporate the Power of Play into every aspect of our training. From individual in-home training sessions to our Sunday Bark-ology Club drop-in classes, this method is an integral part of all of our programs.

So what is Bark-ology all about? Check out the video below to find out!


What is Bark-ology All About?

Check out our video to learn more about the Power of Play and our training methods at Bark-ology Dog Training!

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The Power of Play

It All Starts With Play

Bring your dog’s training to a higher level by unlocking the passion & drive behind the Power of Play! Bark-ology Dog Training utilizes the Power of Play in every aspect of training—from In-Home Sessions to Group Classes. The Power of Play is a highly interactive Play & Train method between you and your dog. In fact, it is the most important game you can play with your dog! Play builds confidence, unleashes tremendous motivation, taps into the dog’s genetics, and brings out their true love for play! The Power of Play method will allow you to work through behavioral problems such as: jumping, biting, being leash reactive, and many more troublesome behaviors. And most importantly—The Power of Play transforms you & your dog into “Team Players”!


What We Do

From puppy training to pet sitting, Bark-ology Dog Training is happy to provide services perfect for you and your pet! Please click on each category below to learn more about each of these services, including times and dates of availability.

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In-Home Training

Let our Bark-ologists come to you!
Our in-home sessions are perfect for pet owners who have limited time to come to the training center or have a schedule.
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Group Classes – Perfect Puppy Bundle

Get your puppy training started out on the right paw!
Playing is how puppies learn basic manners, and socialization is one of the most …
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Smart Dog Bark-ology Package

Individual + Group Class Combination Program for Continued Learning
Bark-ology’s Smart Dog Bark-ology Package is perfect for dogs to learn more…
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Sunday Bark-ology Club

Drop-In Classes for Extra Socialization + Learning
Our Sunday Bark-ology Club is a weekly drop-in short classes designed for pet owners who cannot commit to…
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Dog Walking

Just Walk It Out
Can’t make it home on your lunch break to walk the dog? Are the kids’ sports game schedules getting in the way of getting…
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Pet Sitting

Sit, Stay, + Play!
Our Pet Sitting Services are perfect for pet owners who might need their pets looked after for a few hours in the…
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Our Mission + Philosophy

Bark-ology Dog Training takes dog training to the next level—with rocket fast come when called, sit, down, leave it, & drop. Bark-ology Dog Training believes that rock solid obedience starts out with 5 basic core principles:

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    Play & Train
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    Proper Exercise
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At Bark-ology Dog Training, our goal is to work together and guide you how to play & train your dog by learning your pet’s individual learning style and habits, which allows you and your dog to enjoy the learning process together while achieving amazing results. We will take your dog training to the next level by experiencing first-hand the astonishing level of your dog’s intelligence and skills, unleashing your dog’s inner talents! Bark-ology Dog Training strongly emphasizes having an owner-dog “team” relationship that is based on trust, cooperation, and communication. Our hands-on, positive, play & train methods coupled with ongoing involvement and education for the owners makes Bark-ology Dog Training unique and the perfect choice for you and your dog!

About Us

Bark-ology Dog Training and Pet-Sitting Services were established in 2013 by Belinda Showers. She is a graduate of Catch Canine Academy, Michael Ellis School of Dog Training, and Ivan Balbanov, 2-time World Champion & 14-time National Champion in IGP dog sport competitions and founder of Training Without Conflict– Canine Training Systems.

Belinda is committed, clear, concise, and has a patient style of dog training. She believes in putting her clients first and takes the time to learn the individual needs and goals for her clients to provide the most effective solutions for owners and their dogs.

In her free time, Belinda enjoys traveling with her husband and playing with her two St. Bernards, Emma & Mack.



What Our Customers Are Saying

We’re so grateful to have been able to help so many dog owners, just like you! Check out our recent reviews to see how people are loving Bark-ology Dog Training!

  • Zeneida L. Avatar
    Zeneida L.
    - Thumbtack

    Belinda is very patient and informative. Belinda is also supporting and helping my daughter to become more comfortable with our new addition!

    Barry s. Avatar
    Barry s.
    - Thumbtack

    Training our puppy has been a great experience so far. Belinda is awesome.

    Janet B. Avatar
    Janet B.
    - Thumbtack

    Knowledgeable easy to work with. Good instructor

  • Amy d. Avatar
    Amy d.
    - Thumbtack

    Highly, highly recommend! Belinda's passion for dogs and upbeat nature makes class engaging and enjoyable. Both Belinda and Nick have gone above and beyond the basic commands. They also encourage and teach us on how to maintain the... read more

    David H. Avatar
    David H.
    - Thumbtack

    After only a couple of sessions with Nick and Belinda our dogs are already behaving much better, focusing on walking manners right now. They have a way to go, but with the training techniques we a learning we feel... read more

    Victoria L. Avatar
    Victoria L.
    - Thumbtack

    I had a difficult behavior with my dog. They came out to my house and spent time listening to my concerns and getting to know my dog. They were able to provide me with strategies to practice to eliminate the... read more

  • Kathy O. Avatar
    Kathy O.
    - Thumbtack

    We have just started working with Belinda and we have seen a bit of an improvement in our precious pup. He is starting to “listen” to me and respond. We have a long way to go and I am confident... read more

    Mimi S. Avatar
    Mimi S.
    - Thumbtack

    I’m looking forward to getting assistance.

    Jackie b. Avatar
    Jackie b.
    - Thumbtack

    Belinda is great with our high strung pup. She very knowledgeable and patient

  • Scarlet M. Avatar
    Scarlet M.
    - Thumbtack

    I am so happy that I found Belinda.
    She has been amazing with helping my German shepherd.
    He’s very stubborn but she knows how to get his attention. She’s been a miracle worker and she’s so sweet and patient.
    read more

    George L. Avatar
    George L.
    - Thumbtack

    Just started working with Belinda but she has already connected with our dog and our needs for his training.

    Joseph C. Avatar
    Joseph C.
    - Thumbtack

    Melinda has been great! After no success from watching videos one after another, she has taught me so much in just 3 sessions and the way she coaches is the philosophy I believe in as well. If you need a... read more

  • Cara R. Avatar
    Cara R.
    - Thumbtack

    Belinda was aswesome!

    John C. Avatar
    John C.
    - Thumbtack

    I was very happy with Belinda’s personal dog training. She was very clear with training steps and setting realistic goals. It was apparent she customizes the experience to each dog. Belinda provides high value for the cost!

    Christine S. Avatar
    Christine S.
    - Thumbtack

    Belinda is kind, patient And wonderful to work with. So glad I found her

  • Lynda P. Avatar
    Lynda P.
    - Thumbtack

    Belinda was so sweet. The kitties LOVE her- my Persian even let her brush her on the first day! What I love about Belinda is she's available "on the fly", we like to be able to travel. She took very... read more

    Dianne C. Avatar
    Dianne C.
    - Thumbtack

    This pet care professional did an excellent job!

    Stephanie c. Avatar
    Stephanie c.
    - Thumbtack

    We are lucky to have found Who Let the Dogs Out!

  • Mary K. Avatar
    Mary K.
    - Thumbtack

    I really like Belinda's demeanor with the dogs and cat.

    Karen L. Avatar
    Karen L.
    - Thumbtack

    Belinda is an excellent pet sitter. She has taken care of my 6 cats and one dog several times over the past year. I never worry when I go out of town and she is watching my pets.... read more


Professional Affiliations

Bark-ology is committed to excellence in training and caring for all dogs that come to our facility. Our trainers have years of experience and professional training, along with professional affiliations and certifications so you can rest easy that your dog is in the best hands at Bark-ology Dog Training!

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